The End "No Soup For You"

Well this is it, a final farewell (?) as we wrap the era of digitalSoup. We have no list for you this week, only a special guest in Jason who has stopped by to help us say goodbye. It's been a great 200 episodes, we hope everyone has enjoyed the show as much as we have enjoyed making it!


Souper Review "The Revenant"

The guys are tackling a recent watch of the 2015 film, The Revenant this week. Plus they’ve got a fun list tied to information from this movie.


Mysterious Minnesota

You’ve heard of Minnesota Nice, but what about the creepy and mysterious Minnesota? Here’s 10 reasons why Minnesota might be most mysterious.


Ten Horrific Events on Movie Sets

We all love a good movie, but sometimes some truly terrible things happen on the set while the film is being made. Hope you aren’t queasy as we tackle 10 of the most horrific events that have happened behind the scenes on movie sets.


Top 10 Jobs That Have Disappeared

Times change quickly. So too does the way things get done. Jobs change and evolve over time, and sometimes jobs just fade out of existence. Today we’re tackling the Top 10 Jobs that have disappeared over time!