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You want to know a little more about the digitalSoup crew huh? You asked for it then!

Jason, Adam, and Usually Dave have been hanging out since the 90’s, though sadly they’ve only been recording their fun and geeky chats since January of 2017! All three of them have had a long time interest in all things tech and geek related, with Jason helping to reinforce the love of tech in both Adam and Usually Dave by always being the go to resource for all things tech in the earliest days of their friendship.

Jason is driven by a passion to learn about all the latest and greatest tech, gadgets and games. Well he’s also driven by Diet Dr. Pepper. Seriously, the man loves an ice cold Diet Dr. Pepper. That and telling Adam and Usually Dave about the coolest new stuff he’s been seeing.

Adam and Usually Dave both have backgrounds not just in tech and gaming, but also in music and photography. You could say they are well rounded geeks! Their love of a good burger contributes to that well rounded geek shape, but who doesn’t love a good burger AMIRITE?! One thing is certain, all three of the guys love a good movie, some great music, awesome tech and gadgets or kicking back and playing some great games!

Most importantly, they love getting together each week to simply hang out and shoot the breeze about everything that has caught their eye in the world of tech, gaming, movies, photography and well….just about anything else geeks like to talk about, including a lot of joking around picking on each other! So pull up a chair, turn up the volume and grab your friends because the digitalSoup is on!

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